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Rockville Apm5w 5.25 2-Way 250w Active / Powered Usb Studio Monitor Speakers Pair

Rockville Apm5w 5.25 2-Way 250w Active / Powered Usb Studio Monitor Speakers Pair

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What this means is that there is a separate amp for the highs and a Separate amp for the lows! Each speaker has 125 watts peak output power and 62.5 watts RMS giving you a total of 250 watts peak and 125 watts RMS per pair. Keep in mind, the only reason our price point is not 300 % higher is because you are buying manufacturer direct. Your studio is made of wood for a reason. The sound characteristics of high quality wood are better than plastic. The thickness is 0.5 around and the front board is a full 1 thick to give you the best sound quality possible. The enclosure is built with the perfect amount of air space to maximize sound quality for a studio.Every studio or computer room should look beautiful. Painted black, painted white, and wood finish. It is long lasting and the best paint for speakers! Our designers spent countless hours on the color to make sure it is not only beautiful but elegant as well to improve the appearance of your studio or room. The rear port is built to perfect spec to enhance the sound. Most brands do not like to reveal whats in the guts of the speaker. These are both known to be best in class circuit designs. These components are amazing and allow us to adjust the sound via soft programing on a computer during the design stage to get the perfect sound. ADI and TI are the names of the makers of these ICs. Most people do not know brand names that make circuits; but these are the most famous and reliable in the industry. Only very high end manufacturers like us use these components.

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