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Thierry Mugler Angel Nova Eau De Parfum Refillable Spray 1 Oz

Thierry Mugler Angel Nova Eau De Parfum Refillable Spray 1 Oz

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Perfumes Woman Thierry Mugler Angel Nova Eau de Parfum 50 ml 30 ml A new fragrance for a modern heroine who turns her dreams into reality and reality into a dream. ANGEL NOVA Eau de Parfum reveals a SUPERFEMINITY, between pleasure and confidence. Irresistible, captivating and safe. This Eau de Parfum opens with a delicious fruity note full of euphoria, before blossoming with a new florality. A vibrant and impressive wave of wood provides the signature of the fragrance, while leaving an irresistible trail of scent. Rose, the heroine of flowers, has been revisited with the creation of a unique rose. The Damascene rose is first extracted and then enhanced through recycling, to give birth to a supernatural rose, an ingredient of sustainable origin created from biotechnology, unique in the world of perfumery. The iconic star bottle is seen through a new light. The bottle is adorned with a vibrant and luminous raspberry pink gradient dress to celebrate Angel NOVA s bold desire to reinvent himself. ANGEL NOVA Eau de Parfum in a star shape is infinitely rechargeable thanks to its refill bottle.

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