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Kate And Laurel Trubey Modern Side Table - 15.75x8x24.6 - Gold

Kate And Laurel Trubey Modern Side Table - 15.75x8x24.6 - Gold

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Add the contemporary Trubey side table to your elegant modern home decor. This table combines modern sophistication with pure practicality, featuring a sleek, mirrored glass top and a convenient bottom storage rack. Use it to store your favorite novels, magazines, tablets, and reduce the clutter in your home. It fits perfectly between the living room couches or next to the loveseat with its smaller stature and simple design. However, it s not exclusively made for the living room; use it as a minimalist table in your bedroom or as a place to store mail in your entryway. With its clean, gold look and modern style, the Trubey side table blends seamlessly with any contemporary decor. And with its padded feet, you can move this table around the room without the risk of scuffing your beautiful floors. With its gorgeous minimalistic design and useful functionality, the Trubey side table will be the perfect place to set your morning coffee or store your favorite reading materials.

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