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Alex Evenings And Jacket, Patterned Sparkle Evening Dress - Navy - Size 10

Alex Evenings And Jacket, Patterned Sparkle Evening Dress - Navy - Size 10

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Coats & Jackets by . Make an unforgettable entrance with the exquisite Jacquard Knit Long Jacket Dress by , a true work of art in sophistication and glamour. Every stitch and detail has been carefully crafted to create a breathtaking and luxurious look that will leave the room in awe. The dress s stunning jacquard knit pattern is absolutely mesmerizing, adding an extra dimension of elegance and luxury to the gown. The touches of glitter on the mandarin jacket add a touch of sparkle and shine, perfect for those special events where you want to dazzle and shine. The long dress features a classic and timeless silhouette that flatters the figure, while the mandarin jacket adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to the overall design. The jacket s elegant and modern style creates a striking contrast against the traditional knit pattern of the dress, adding an extra dimension of interest to the design. The long length of the gown adds a sense of grandeur and formality, making it perfect for any black-tie event, gala or wedding. The dress is versatile enough to be worn on its own or paired with the jacket for added coverage, making it a versatile addition to any formal wardrobe. Length: 56. Imported. Jacquard Jacket Dress Mandarin jacket Glitter detail Length: 56 Imported.

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