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Spidey And His Amazing Friends Spider Crawl-R

Spidey And His Amazing Friends Spider Crawl-R

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Product ID: F3721. Experience twice the superhero excitement with the Team Spidey Headquarters Playset. This Marvel-based 2-in-1 toy delivers transformative fun, changing from a large-scale rolling vehicle to a 2-foot-tall HQ tower. Sparking imagination, the playset in tower mode offers various play areas like the command center, a stage with included instrument accessories, a web arm for swinging, and much more. The fun doesn t stop there for your little superhero. The HQ tower also features a ramp for Spidey to speed down on his motorcycle. Whether in vehicle or playset mode, the web bumper can be launched to thwart imaginary troublemakers. The Team Spidey Headquarters Playset also offers an interactive sensory experience for kids with engaging lights, sounds, and phrases inspired by the preschool Marvel show, providing an immersive playtime experience. The playset includes a Spidey action figure that can sit astride the included motorcycle and ride down the ramp. To round off the superhero fun, the set includes three musical accessory pieces for kids to pretend to perform a rock concert. Designed for ages 3 and up, the Team Spidey Headquarters Playset with its multifaceted functionalities is the perfect playset to inspire fantastic superhero adventures! Please note that small parts may be generated, so the set is not suitable for children under 3 years. The playset requires 3 AAA batteries which are included with the product.

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