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Black And Decker Ds321 Belt Sander, 3 X 21, Orange

Black And Decker Ds321 Belt Sander, 3 X 21, Orange

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Black & Decker introduces the new 3-by-21Dragster, a belt sander with a radical new low-profile front-end design to offer the most versatility of any belt sander on the market. With its low-profile front roller the Dragster sands more surface area and closer to vertical surfaces such as baseboard, compared to standard belt sanders with large block-style front ends. The tapered front of the Dragster allows you to sand in narrow, confined spaces such as under cabinets or deck rails. The low-profile design also allows you to sand in slim spaces such as between spindles or narrow spaces in your woodworking projects. A retractable locking hood on the front of the sander lifts to expose the top of the belt. With the hood up, you can sand with the top, front-end and bottom of the belt to sand in confined areas such as under chair backs, fronts of dressers and inside curved woodworking projects for rapid material removal. The retractable locking hood also allows you to sand with the curved surface of the front of the Belt Sander for contouring and shaping. The Dragster s side design allows for flush in-line sanding on hardwood floors against baseboards or a shelf. The Dragster features a 3-position adjustable locking handle, instead of a typical one-handle position. The handle easily adapts to a range of projects and maximizes comfort and control. A powerful 6.0 amp high-performance motor sands 800 feet per minute. Metal components on the Dragster add to its durability, and a dust collection system creates a cleaner work area.

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