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Orange Amps Ppc112 Closed-Back Speaker Cabinet

Orange Amps Ppc112 Closed-Back Speaker Cabinet

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For sale is an Orange PPC112 Cabinet loaded with an Anniversary series Celestion G12H 30 Watt Speaker. The Celestion G12H is a reissue of their 12guitar speaker that was re-released in 1994 for the Celestion 70th anniversary. Loud and proud thanks to its heavy magnet structure, the G12H provides a fusion of the Vintage 30 and the Greenback speaker characteristics, producing a thick, warm and syrupy sound while still retaining a tight and focused bottom end. When played clean the G12H remains clear and musical without ever sounding harsh. In overdrive, pick attack is vividly articulated with sustained notes trailing off into warm harmonic tones. If you have any questions please ask! Fast Shipping!

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