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Ik Multimedia Amplitube X-Drive Distortion Pedal

Ik Multimedia Amplitube X-Drive Distortion Pedal

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The Amplitube X-Drive Distortion Pedal is built for crunchy, gritty, decimating distortion. Make your performance more electric than ever. With 16 distortion model algorithms, 5 tone-shaping controls, and 1 multi-purpose parameter knob, you can sculpt your effect to perfection, whether you re after subtlety or full, thrilling distorted greatness. There are hundreds of factory presets for you to choose from, or explore your own creativity and come up with unique custom presets. The USB connection and Librarian app then allows you to manage the presets with ease, granting you complete control over your sound. What s more, the pedal includes an expression pedal input for even more possibilities, whilst a built-in noise gate, compressor, and cabinet simulator promise an exhilarating tone, nothing else.

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