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Smpl Amplified + Hands-Free Dialing Photo Phone

Smpl Amplified + Hands-Free Dialing Photo Phone

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The innovative design of the Simpl Photo Phone makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a quality senior citizen phone for independent living. The modern phone base has a keypad featuring large, clearly labeled number keys, six photo memory keys at the top and a standard size corded handset and receiver at the side. Each memory photo key can be programmed with a phone number that corresponds to the photo of a family member, friend or other often called phone contact. Users can also use the keypad to make a manual call. Volume and ringer can be adjusted up or down according to personal preferences. The ringer can be set to loud and there is also a visual flash function to alert users of an incoming call. Other functions include redial, pause and mute. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, this phone is built to withstand daily use. It can be an easy dial phone for elderly persons who prefer using corded phones at home. Place it on a desk, counter, table or mount it on a wall.

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