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Zoom Am7 Stereo Usb-C Microphone For Android Devices

Zoom Am7 Stereo Usb-C Microphone For Android Devices

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High-quality M/S recordings on your Android device. The ZOOM AM7 MS Stereo Microphone with USB-C allows you to utilise the mid-side recording technique. Mid-side recording allows you to capture various degrees of stereo imaging, providing a more immersive and detailed capture. The condenser capsules provide exceptional audio fidelity, capturing every nuance, no matter what you re recording, or where you are. Perfect for podcasting, interviews, videography, foley recording, live performances and much more, the ZOOM AM7 is a must-have for recording on the go. The AM7 particularly excels when paired with s own Handy Recorder application. This is readily available on Google Play and the Apple Store. This enables you to record, mix and manipulate your ideas from the comfort of your phone to be shared among your fans and collaborators. Upgrade your portable recording experience today!

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