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Vevor Am-10 Pneumatic Crimping Tool 15 Free Dies Good Quality Crimper High Efficiency

Vevor Am-10 Pneumatic Crimping Tool 15 Free Dies Good Quality Crimper High Efficiency

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This AM-10 pneumatic crimping tool is driven by dual-action normal cylinder to achieve high efficiency and quality in both crimping force and speed. The pneumatic crimper is suitable for many kinds of terminals. *Air compressor not included. About Usage First, put the terminal about to be crimped in corresponding position of clamp. Secondly, put stripped insulated conductor into the terminal, push foot air valve and loose after crimping. Then cut off gas supply. Dismount fix bolts on the clamp with L shaped spanner for safety. Replace a desired clamp if necessary, screw the bolt tightly once more. Please align the clamps well as they are used in pair. After assembly, press foot-operated gas valve slowly to make the machine work at a rather low speed to check mounted die set. Notes Please lubricate all mechanical moving joints before start to operate, this will increase machine service life significantly. When processing a terminal with large size, please guarantee enough gas supply and air pressure. Do not use or store machine set in surroundings with too high or too low temperature, or high humidity. Keep the machine clean and dry before you store it. Adding dust caps at gas inlet and outlet can be a great choice. Features: Fit for crimping many kinds of terminals Driven by dual-action normal cylinder High efficiency and quality in crimping force and speed 15 sets of dies for free Able to process terminals with large sizes Specifications: Working Pneumatic Pressure: 0.4-1 Mpa TubularTerminal: ≤35 mm2 Crimping Force: 13.5 KN Non-InsulatedTerminal: ≤16mm2 Insulated Terminal: ≤6 mm2 Flow in Equipment: Compressed Air Gross Weight: 17 lb (7.5 kg) Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 17 x 14 x 10 inch (41 x 35 x 25 cm) Package Content: 1 X Pneumatic Crimping Tool with 1 Die Set 1 X Foot Air Valve 2 X Air Pipes 15 X Extra Die Sets

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