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Oneup Components Aluminum Pedals - Oil Slick

Oneup Components Aluminum Pedals - Oil Slick

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What s in the Box Pair of pedals (1x left, 1x right) 20x Pre-installed pins 4x Replacement pins Things you Should Know During installation on these cranks, please ensure the pedal is rotating freely, there is space between the pedal body and crank, and the pedal is torqued to 35Nm. Pedals with the date code before 5221 may not be compatible. Pedals can be run with crank boots, after some small modifications to the crankboot. By design, out of the box our pedals have some resistance to free spinning. This can be adjusted by adding or removing grease upon disassembly. Free spinning will increase over time and wear of the bushing. By design, uninstalled pedals have axle play (room for movement between the axle and pedal body). Axle movement is eliminated when the pedals are fully installed onto cranks and torque to 35nm.

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