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3m Aluminum Foil Tape 34383, Silver, 2 In X 60 Yd, 4.5 Mil

3m Aluminum Foil Tape 34383, Silver, 2 In X 60 Yd, 4.5 Mil

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Withstands Varying Temperatures Designed with an acrylic adhesive that offers good high and low temperature resistance, Aluminum Foil Tape 34383 also features high heat reflectivity and thermal conductivity for heating and cooling efficiency. This general purpose aluminum foil tape has a 2.8 mil high-strength aluminum foil backing coated with 1.7 mil acrylic adhesive. The malleable foil backing is conformable and gives this tape the ability to adhere to irregular shapes and surfaces. In addition, the heat and light reflectivity feature of this tape protects heat-sensitive components. This product is also designed with flame, moisture, weather, UV and chemical resistance, offering long-lasting durability. Recommended Applications Applications for this product include: Appliance manufacturing Protect heat-sensitive components Conformable and Easy to Use Aluminum Foil Tape 34383 is a self-wound tape that can be easily torn by hand, providing simple application. Our Aluminum Foil Tape 34383 also offers vapor barrier protection and waterproof sealing. Great Solution for Tough Applications The high-strength design of Aluminum Foil Tape 34383 can perform well for a variety of applications, and is capable of adhering to many surfaces. With high heat reflectivity, thermal conductivity and a strong adhesive, this aluminum tape is a great solution ready to achieve optimal results for your tough applications.

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