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Stilform Aluminium Warp Black Aeon Pencil

Stilform Aluminium Warp Black Aeon Pencil

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Stilform introduces an everlasting pencil with magnetic tips and the most durable metal construction. All-In-One Pencil with Switchable Magnetic Tips In need of a pencil for note-taking or just a quick sketch? Made possible by Aeon s neodymium magnet, you can switch freely between an eternalmetal tip and a graphite tip for different pencil uses. Minimalist Anti-Roll Chamfers Clean and functional, Aeon constitutes the purest design language of Stilforms pen collection. The distinctive flat sides along the pencil, decorated with tasteful veneers, stop pen-rolling effectively. Smudge Free & Water Proof Your writings and drawings with the eternaltip stay neat and clean forever. When your work is finished, your hands or sleeves remain clean. Liquid wont make the marks fade. As neat as its strokes are, they are still erasable like a 2H-pencil. Graphite or eternal nib For a more conventional pencil experience, just switch to the graphite tip. Its strokes are darker but easily erased too. The Eternal tip with long-lasting metal writing tip is truly magical - The natural and non-toxic Eternal alloys join together to create pencil-like marks. This tip hardly wears itself down over time! Each pen comes standard with a graphite nib, the ethergraph nib can be ordered as an option. All parts are from high-grade aluminium. The superb materials are well known for the extremely high durability and exceptional light weight.

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