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Fitbit Alta Hr (Black / Small)

Fitbit Alta Hr (Black / Small)

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From walks to workouts, track it all with the Alta fitness wristband. This slim tracker will get you closer to reaching your goals by automatically recognising your high activity movements using SmartTrack. It seamlessly recognises your movements whether it is running, biking, playing a sport or doing a class at the gym. Together with PurePulse an inbuilt heart rate monitor, you will see the whole picture of your cardio fitness health which is continuously monitored, so you can compare your progress over time. The heart rate monitor tracks and records your heart rate zone and resting heart rate in real-time, so you can push yourself further finding your peak performance when it counts. Receiving SMS, calls and emails notifications on your slim lined display, without having to stop and find your phone, so you can stay on track and focused. With a seven-day battery life, you can wear this sleek band all day and night so you wont have to take it off at night time. Gain insights into your sleeping patterns and your sleep cycles through the detailed stats collected while you rest. See how you can improve your sleep and get into good habits getting your optimal sleep per night. Reach your fitness goals in style with the Alta HR activity tracker.

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