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Lamy Al-Star Emr Digital Pen With Pc/El Tip

Lamy Al-Star Emr Digital Pen With Pc/El Tip

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Check s site for compatibility information, but it works with many tablets and phones, including Samsung s Galaxy Note series and some Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. The result is a digital stylus with the technology you d expect, including 4,096 pressure levels and interchangeable tips, but with the great look and feel of a AL-star. Why shouldn t your stylus feel just as nice to hold and use as your pen? Includes two spare tips and tweezers for replacing them. Wireless, and doesn t need batteries. Shortcut button conveniently located on the grip area. This is used to activate functions and settings that are offered or available on the device and / or apps, eg, an eraser function can be assigned, or it could open the shortcut menu on selected Samsung devices. The pen comprises an AL-star cap, AL-star barrel and AL-star grip section with an integrated LAMY EMR module and EMR nib. It can be swapped to a POM nib, a harder tip which is suitable for paper-like coated surfaces. Please refer to LAMY s site.

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